SMPlayer 0.6.0 final released

Version 0.6.0 final.

Most important changes since 0.6.0rc4:

* (Bugfix) Two mplayer processes were run when opening a file. This could
even make Aero in Windows Vista to be disabled.
* Seeking with the time slider works much better.
* Now it's possible to add directories recursively to the playlist.
* Added a preferences dialog for the playlist.
* The right mouse button can be configured.
* (Linux) File managers should now display an option to enqueue files in
the smplayer playlist.
* (Fix) The playlist was shown for a small moment on startup. This caused
problems if using compiz, as the window might not hide.
* Fix for Qt 4.4, the logo didn't show.
* Some translations have been updated (Simplified-Chinese, Italian,
Ukrainian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese,
Spanish and German)
* Now the file Install.txt contains updated info about how to compile and
install smplayer.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-05-14