SMPlayer 0.6.0rc3 released

Most important changes since 0.6.0rc2:

* (Windows) Enqueuing multiple files in smplayer should work ok now even
if smplayer is not running.
* Added new menu Video->Rotate, with options to rotate the image.
* Added new option Play->Jump to, which will show a dialog where you can
enter the position (time) to jump.
* Added two new options in the Subtitles menu: "Enable closed caption" and
"Forced subtitles only".
* The software equalizer should work now with gl, gl2 and directx:noaccel.
* Some multimedia keys should be recognized now in the shortcut editor.
* Added help for all options in the preferences dialog.
* New error dialog which will be shown if mplayer crashes, fails to start
or finishes unexpectedly.
* SMPlayer will try to use xv (or directx in windows) as default.
* Added two new translations: Macedonian and Basque.

Posted by Ricardo Villalba 2008-03-24