#504 A-B markers on the slide bar

General (199)
Randal G.

In addition to the A-B markers feature it would be great to have the marker settings on the slider bar as well so once they are set we can just drag either to a new point. Its no fun to have to clear the markers to set a different A marker point when the B marker was exactly where you wanted it (or visa versa). We use your program for our guitar video studies and practice with the tracks and most often segments of tracks. I am always resetting to different marker points and would love to have more control with the markers. All of the other features with the markers are great as they are. (Frame based instead of time based would also be helpful.)

Not a big one but it would be nice to adjust the speed in smaller increments - at least in 5% intervals.

I use the Recent Files and Favorites in the menu bar a lot. 2 suggestions.
1. When you click on the menu selection there is a very narrow area (maybe 50 pixels) to move the mouse pointer through onto the drop down menu. It would be nice to click on the menu selection such as Recent Files and have a 2 second hang time for the drop down menu to display so if the mouse pointer goes out of the narrow path into the drop down, the drop down menu won't just instantly disappear.
2. On the Recent Files menu selection, please put the (X Clear) at the bottom of the drop down. We have accidentally cleared
the list a number of times. Or maybe validation popup would be helpful.

SMplayer is a great tool for us - thank you for your hard work!