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#584 RTL control bar is reversed


Please set this ticket to highest priority.

Control bar of RTL interface (Arabic & Hebrew) is reversed.

SMPlayer is playing from right-to-left instead of left-to-right (no physical dvd/video player does this); Even the Play button is reversed whereas Play fn (function) key in keyboard indicates an other direction.

Solution: Force the control bar widget to be an LTR widget only even in RTL interface.



  • Could you check if this is properly fixed in svn r5573?

    • Phixy

      Looks good. Now, It is also consistent with the time-line indicator of MPlayer back-end.

      Thank you so much!

  • Sorry, I think reversing the control bar for RTL UIs is the correct behavior, physical DVD players were made in countries that speak LTR languages, RTL (at least Arabic) users expect the "next" in a video/audio to be on the left while the "previous" is on the right. Many major software media players implement this behavior, including Windows Media Player, Totem on Linux... In fact, I was going to report this change as a bug in the latest version. Also, the icons of "Play", "Previous", "Next", "Fast forward", "Rewind" should all be mirrored.

    • Phixy

      Thank you for your participation in this discussion.

      I disagree with your argument, though if your argument is strong, which I assume it is, rvm can add an option to toggle the control bar direction.

      I am curious in concern to your argument, and I want to see screenshots of multimedia software and images of physical devices of Arabic countries, if you may.

      Windows Media Player on Windows Hebrew has its controllers set just as in English version of it.

      Last edit: Phixy 2013-11-03
  • Phixy

    Note: A control bar that is RTL is contradicting the direction of OSD indicators of MPlayer, that is when user seeks to the right with SMPlayer, MPlayer would seek to the left.

    Last edit: Phixy 2013-10-24
  • Phixy

    @forabi please reply.

  • Well I just rechecked Windows Media Player on my dad's pc, it forces LTR for control bar. Sorry I haven't been using Windows recently. But here's a screenshot for Rhythmbox on Linux.

  • And here's a screenshot for totem. It just seems natural for me as native Arabic speaker to perceive 'left' as 'next'. Maybe because I've been used to the way they are displayed in GNOME/GTK+ apps. This may not be the case for you or for Windows users. So it would be great if we had an option for toggling layout direction for control bar (we can make this options displayed for RTL languages only as it makes no sense for other languages).

    Last edit: Muhammad Fawwaz Orabi 2013-11-03
  • Phixy

    GNU/Linux in Arabic looks really stylish and elegant!

    I think your suggested solution is very good.

    In concern to GNOME/GTK+, I have seen such behavior and also noticed that there are even icons, in themes, such as media Play button that are reversed and intended for RTL users, which I do not think is a good idea, mostly because of the rational I expressed in the beginning of this thread. However, it does not seem to be implemented properly in some other related GTK implementations such as PyGTK where RTL progress-bar is buggy (see mirror effect in Exaile and Whaaw Media Player in RTL), and I hope it is fixed in PyGObject of GTK+3.

    I would like to thank you for a patient, pleasant and respected manner of arguing; usually, when I am involved in such arguments they are chaotic, disturbing and highly offensive since Israelis are involved :-\

    Nevertheless, thank you very much :-)