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#568 Do not scan TTF files and keep the user waiting


Once in a while, SMPlayer wastes my time by “scanning” through all the TTF files in the Windows\Fonts directory, and refuses to do its job (playing a video) while it does this.

This is completely unnecessary and pointless. I just wanna watch the damn video file.

I cannot think of a single reason why this scanning is ever necessary. Even if I were playing a video with subtitles (which I’m not), the only TTF file it would need to read from would be the one single font that it is displaying the subtitles in.

Remove the code that scans the files, and let me get on with playing the video.

If there is an unobvious reason for doing this, do it silently in the background and with low priority. Do not allow it to delay the watching of a video.


  • The font scanning is also annoying for me but I can't remove the code that scans the files because there isn't such code in smplayer but in mplayer. All I can do is catch the scanning messages from mplayer and report the user about what is going on.

    The font cache is necessary not only for subtitles but for the OSD too (which is there even if you don't use).

    Anyway I'll try to see if there's a way to prevent the font scanning without losing anything essential.

  • Josh

    This is done by a library in MPlayer called 'libfontconfig', which as far as I know is required for ASS/SSA subtitles. MPlayer has a '-nofontconfig' switch to not use it but this switch while valid does nothing anymore for some reason. And even though mplayer can be compiled without fontconfig ASS/SSA subs wouldn't work at all, or libass without libfontconfig will not display subs as they were intended and then we'd have people complaining about that.

    I really don't want to maintain multiple mplayer builds.

    Last edit: Josh 2013-04-13
  • Timwi

    Well forward the bugreport to mplayer then? How can any sane person consider this behaviour to be desirable?

  • avada

    I agree. This is insane. They even broke the "-nofontconfig" switch... Now it just scannes for minutes every time a font is installed/changed. (eg: libre office update.)