#555 adding consecutive files takes a long time

Gabri Shally

recently, it looks like algorithm to detect next consecutive file having an upgrade,
so that it can detect file that has different file name, really different. it is a real help
since usually video file that in a series have title in its file name, making it different
one to another.

however, currently this improvement come without drawback. when adding file
with a lot of file in the series, it also take a lot of time to finish. after opening
the first file of a series, using file > open menu or drag and dropping file,
the GUI stop responding for a while, depending on count of file in the series.

this also happed when playing other file in the play list, either by double
clicking item in play list, pressing next button, or when current file ended.
if there is nothing can be done to optimize next file detection routine,
can you at least fix this? make the routine to run only when content
of play list replaced with a single item.

hope this will be fixed soon.
thanks in advance.


  • There hasn't been any modification in that function recently.
    The last update was two years ago.