#287 Aspect ratio is broken on twinview

linux (114)
Morgan T McClure

I'm running two monitors (one is 1280x1024, other is 1920x1200) on nvidia twinview. When I use the 16:10 aspect ratio in fullscreen, it makes it full screen on whichever screen it was on, and maintains that ratio. This is very bizarre - in addition, if I set 5:4 on the larger screen and then slide it over to the smaller, it covers the entire small screen, but if I set 5:4 on the small screen it doesn't cover the screen (letterbox bars on left and right side). Should this get filed upstream? ( I don't know how to check if this is an mplayer bug, because gmplayer doesn't really tolerate moving between screens)

Steps to reproduce:
start on 1280x1024
play movie fullscreen
change to 16:10 (movie now covers entire screen even though the screen its on is 5:4)
exit full screen
drag to other monitor
enable fullscreen and it is now 5:4 ratio
click another ratio,
click back to 16:10 and now the screen is covered


  • I'm running version 0.6.7_p2872-r2 on gentoo with mplayer version 1.0_rc2_p28450