#22 smplayer -demuxer lavf is not working


Hi rvmb,

mpalyer -demuxer lavf <filename.mp4> works
smplayer -demuxer lavf <filename.mp4> "smplayer: Unknown option '-demuxer'"

not just that it won't accept "-demuxer lavf" from command line, smplayer "additional commandline" in the Prefrences->advanced also not working.

"-demuxer lavf" is required to

1. play broken avi files
2. play nero ACC audio encoded Video mp4 files
3. allow seeking of broken or incomplete video files.
4. to allow mplayer play a video file which xine or vlc only can play.

Please consider allowing "-demuxer lavf" parameter to work with smplayer.

Thanks :)

here's what i read in mplayer faq
"i want to seek in avi while they are downloading but -forceidx is too slow."

use mplayer -demuxer lavf to seek in broken/incomplete avi.
xine or videolan can play my file but mplayer cannot!

try ***mplayer -demuxer lavf*** file
make sure mplayer and the other program are using the same audio and video output
make sure the other program is not locking the audio/video output (by closing other multimedia programs first (also make sure artsd is not locking /dev/dsp (use lsof | grep -i dsp)))
if xine plays the file ok, but mplayer stutters, try mplayer -autosync 30 file


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    Setting "-demuxer lavf" in Preferences->Advanced works for me.

    Also it's possible to choose another demuxer in Options->View info and properties (although in this case the Information tab is not updated and shows the old demuxer).

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    hi rvm,

    settings->advanced->"-demuxer lavf" works but with smplayer, it causes slowdown or stuttering of audio because "cache" causes the problem.

    to fix quick seeking, i have to set "cache = 0" which makes smplayer play the mp4 video file.

    whereas mplayer doesn't need any paramater about cache.

    if i use "mplayer -cache 1024 movie.mp4" then the movies stutters (stops in gaps of a few seconds)

    could you please consider "[X] Enable cache" option in the performance tab. thanks.

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    I'll probably add the suggested "Enable cache" option, though currently setting it to 0 disables it.

    As "-demuxer lavf" in Preferences->Advanced works, then this is not a bug, so I close it.