#125 Please fix the subtitle issues

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I have to admit you have assembled a perfect piece of software. It's by far the best video player I've ever used on both Linux and Windows. But the continuing subtitle bugs are very annoying. Please think of people who needs to watches movies with subtitles. This is not some unimportant extra feature. This is vital. I cannot change the size of the subtitles on my Windows machine. And characters look huge, rendering the movie unwatchable. I couldn't even make it display subtitles on Linux a few ago. The last version of Smplayer with Windows XP SP2 and an updated Archlinux. I don't know if it is a general problem or something with .srt extension.
Please consider fixing this, it is really important.
Thank you.


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    Subtitles are very important for me too. That's why smplayer provides a lot of options in preferences for it.
    You can select the font, the default size, the default position on the screen, the color, the encoding...

    In preferences you can choose the default size for subtitles, but to actually change it during playback, you need to use the options Size+ or Size- in the subtitles menu.

    Some kind of subtitles can't be changed the size, but for srt files there should be no problem.