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[35e111] (lm/fixes-1) by Lawrence Manning Lawrence Manning

Added a much nicer coloured prompt, to match website

Checks to see the number of colours available to know how nicely to colour
the prompt. Easily disableable by uncommenting a line.

Credit to Philip Boulain and Thomas Adam at Smoothie Ltd.

2013-05-03 13:23:16 Tree
[8dcfc0] by Lawrence Manning Lawrence Manning

Fix the link to the sources page on .org.

2013-05-02 16:19:10 Tree
[3d528d] by Lawrence Manning Lawrence Manning

Fairly trivial tweaks to SmoothInfo

Attempting to make it fit in better without removing any functionality.

More to follow, hopefully.

2013-05-02 14:03:08 Tree
[23d414] by Lawrence Manning Lawrence Manning

Moved the hostname information into the header graphic area

Looks much nicer there.

2013-05-02 12:33:50 Tree
[5c1ac0] by Lawrence Manning Lawrence Manning

Added "always use english" option to UI settings.

Also fixedup the names for the various langs.

2013-05-02 11:49:30 Tree
[ce5835] by Lawrence Manning Lawrence Manning

Merge branch 'fest3er-swe3.1-dalat' into lm/fixes-1

2013-05-02 11:15:03 Tree
[bd3998] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Add the "type' backup complete'" status flags and a pause. Add a pause
after "Backup complete."

2013-05-01 23:21:07 Tree
[cd0153] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Don't offer to install dev/doc tarballs if they are not present on
the install disk.

2013-05-01 19:22:01 Tree
[c80205] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

First round of work for new backup UI. The new live backup status monitor works.
As part of this, there is a new monitor.js program--based on the one used
in bandwidthbars. It is 'generic' and can be used anywhere a UI needs to
monitor something on the smoothie (via periodically fetching an URL, usually
plain text, but can be almost anything); snort DL and system health monitor
come to mind.

2013-05-01 06:57:33 Tree
[9a8395] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Bump clamav to 0.97.8.

2013-04-27 18:37:59 Tree
[14c0f9] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Bump kernel to 3.4.42.

2013-04-27 18:31:53 Tree
[64fd30] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Daily build showed that miniupnpd can start SMP compiling files before
config.h has been prepared. Move the command to teh configure

2013-04-23 03:32:35 Tree
[1b1f45] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Eagle-Eye Stan again, noticing this merge problem from the initial
3.1 commit to the SWE 'history'. The lower line came from integrating
FFC into Roadster back in 8/2010.

2013-04-22 21:05:09 Tree
[710cb3] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Get rid of the white gazitzas at the bottom when DLing new rules
without debug enabled.

2013-04-22 04:25:41 Tree
[ee4599] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Tweak to handle dhcpcd lease changes. This also activates DHCP info
in interfaces.cgi.

2013-04-22 03:35:17 Tree
[97af8a] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Still trying to get runtime grub to look right.

2013-04-20 19:10:17 Tree
[94058b] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Fine-tuning tweaks to grub's new 'fro.

2013-04-20 18:41:56 Tree
[b21c94] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Somehow got hd0,0 in there. Change back to cd.

2013-04-20 04:43:38 Tree
[0243f9] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Eliminate O_SYNC. This should speed up operations when there's a
lot of logging going on.

2013-04-20 04:21:45 Tree
[824c1a] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Integrate official grub backdrop into install and runtime grubs.

2013-04-20 04:20:13 Tree
[62bdd8] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Bump linux to 3.4.41.

2013-04-17 17:45:16 Tree
[e93e38] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Sigh. I wish GNU/Linux would choose x86_64, x86-64 or even amd64. But ONLY
one of them.

2013-04-16 18:52:29 Tree
[879651] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Make so_rules/ dir, too.

2013-04-16 18:52:03 Tree
[279e24] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

$GATEWAY shoulda been plural all along.

2013-04-16 05:15:04 Tree
[7aaadf] by NPMurphy NPMurphy

Make help window's background white.

2013-04-16 04:23:10 Tree
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