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The SMC Chat Server / News: Recent posts

.NET Migration, new version soon

I'm working currently on implementing SMCChat as a VB.NET application. If people are interested in contributing to the project or have suggestions as to functionality, please let me know.

Posted by Sean McElroy 2002-12-10

2.4.5 Released!

2.4.5 is a minor follow up to 2.4.4 which offers more configuration options. Internal structures are changed so that hopefully networking code to other servers can be added. Clean code, works well for clients.

Posted by Sean McElroy 2002-05-01

2.4.4 Released!

SMC 2.4.4 fixes a pile of bugs and is a very rock-solid release. SMC is a fully-fledged RFC compliant IRCD implemented in VB6, and testers are needed! I would love to hear feedback from users of the program or suggestions for modifications and new features. Currently server and service links are not of production quality, but SMC should be able to run a moderately sized private IRC site.

Posted by Sean McElroy 2002-04-22