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This file describe how to install and use smbnetfs (old name smbfs) program.
smbnetfs is a program that mount microsoft windows network.

1) install fuse-2.6 or later (see http://fuse.sourceforge.net/)

2) load fuse module:

    modprobe fuse

3) compile smbnetfs and copy it somewhere (ex: /usr/local/bin)

    tar xjf ./smbnetfs-0.5.0.tar.bz2
    cd smbnetfs-0.5.0

    make install

    mkdir -p ~/.smb
    cp /etc/samba/smb.conf ~/.smb
    cp conf/smbnetfs.* ~/.smb/
    chmod 600 ~/.smb/smbnetfs.*

4) tune parameters in ~/.smb/smbnetfs.* files

5) mount filesystem

    mkdir mountpoint
    smbnetfs mountpoint

6) enjoy ....

    cd mountpoint