Alexander Reinholdt

Feature Plan for Smb4K 1.2.0

Part Description Status
Core Implement profiles TODO
Core Improve Solid interface and laptop support TODO
Core Use net command for IP address lookups TODO
Core Rewrite Smb4KNotification class DONE
Core Do not show any other password dialog as long as the KWallet password dialog is open DONE
Core Unify all enumerations and move them to Smb4KGlobal IN PROGRESS
Core Implement net rap printq command TODO
Core/Config Implement feature wish ticket [#33] DONE
Core/Config Implement more CIFS mount options under Linux TODO
Core/Config Remove superfluous settings to show hidden IPC$ and ADMIN$ shares DONE
GUI Support multi-selection mode in the network browser DONE
GUI Unify strings especially in the configuration dialog (file system -> filesystem, etc.) TODO
Plasmoid Improve plasmoid IN PROGRESS


Tickets: #33
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