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Smb4K is an advanced network neighborhood browser and Samba share mounting utility for the KDE Software Compilation. It utilizes the programs of the Samba software suite. Its purpose is to provide a program that's easy to use and has as many features as possible. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL v2+). Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD are officially supported.

For a quick overview, visit our project's summary page. If you want to rate Smb4K or write a review, go here. Bugs can be reported here.

The documentation for Smb4K is available online as HTML version and as PDF file. The source code is hosted at projects.kde.org in the Extragear/Network section and can be accessed here.

Latest News

Smb4K 1.2.1 released

by Alexander Reinholdt 2015-10-04

The Smb4K team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Smb4K 1.2.1. This release provides fixes for the build system and broadcast area scan as well as an updated license text (fixes wrong address). Additionally, several improvements have been merged from the development branch.

The release notes of Smb4K 1.2.1 can be viewed here and the source tarball can be downloaded from here.

Smb4K 1.2.0 reuploaded

by Alexander Reinholdt 2015-02-26

Due to the problems that arose because of the change to CMake 2.8 as minimum required version, I decided to reupload Smb4K 1.2.0 with a fixed build system. In addition, the tarball now includes the up-to-date translations.

The release notes of Smb4K 1.2.0 can be viewed here and the source tarball can be downloaded from here.

Smb4K 1.2.0 does not build

by Alexander Reinholdt 2015-02-24

Due to the change to CMake 2.8 as minimum required version, Smb4K does not build due to several custom targets with the same name. The error message(s) look(s) similar to this one:

CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindGettext.cmake:232 (ADD_CUSTOM_TARGET):
  add_custom_target cannot create target "pofiles" because another target
  with the same name already exists.  The existing target is a custom target
  created in source directory
  "/home/alex/Entwicklung/Herstellung/smb4k-1.2.0/po/bg".  See documentation
  for policy CMP0002 for more details.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  po/de/CMakeLists.txt:2 (GETTEXT_PROCESS_PO_FILES)

The fix for this is to edit the top level CMakeLists.txt file and either change the line

cmake_minimum_required( VERSION 2.8 FATAL_ERROR )


cmake_minimum_required( VERSION 2.6 FATAL_ERROR )

or to add the following somewhere in the file

if ( EXISTS po )
endif( EXISTS po )

Sorry for the inconvenience! I will reupload version 1.2.0 with this fix as soon as possible.

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