New domain address!!

SmartWin++ has now got its OWN domain address!! :)
Since was taken we had to settle for though...
We tried to get a hold of the owner of the and we were actually willing to PAY him for that domain, but we never got a reply...
We even tried to PHONE the guy (in India) but it appeared to be a bogus number, so he is probably a domain harvester (though they do claim to work with some kind of "gambling" stuff...)

Anyway, our domain is now and we're proud of it! :)
Think lib as in library!!
(or for the windows users out there lib as in ".lib"...)
And while we were at it, we also bought and but we're just forwarding requests to for clearity...

You can also write "www." in fron of any of the given domain addresses and it'll work (but you'll be forwarded to\)
This makes us have lots of possible different choices when going to our favourite C++ GUI Library site.
We can actually freely choose between:

But the "official" site is hosted at

Happy SmartWinning at or brand new domain address and remember to update your bookmarks!!


Posted by Thomas Hansen 2005-12-14