I am a newbie to SmartWin and really like your library - it is really simple and elegant - I have just read the online examples.

The problem is that the VC++ 2010 Express doesn't convert the project (0 files converted is the message) when I download SmartWin2010.zip from http://sourceforge.net/projects/smartwin/files/ and try to open the solution file.

Downloading SmartWin1.0.2.zip and opening the solution as specified in the online example (http://smartwin.sourceforge.net/getting_started.php) results in red underlines in some functions (perhaps related to sizing - I have deleted the whole project so cannot recall right now). But I'd really like to work with the latest build using VC++ 2010 Express.

I'd be thankful for any help in this respect.

Best regards / Asif