Who throws xCeptionXML?

  • Where is the exception xCeptionXML thrown?
    The class is described in the documentation, but none of the methods described in the SmartXML section throw it (nor any other exception), or am I wrong?

    • Thomas Hansen
      Thomas Hansen

      Might be you're right...! :)
      It was probably ment as an XML exception, but I guess I rewrote most of the logic to use more finegrained exceptions, like networking or tcpip specific exceptions...


    • OK, so forgive me if I ask more details about this, I'm new at using these libraries and I was trying to figure out how to handle errors while reading and _parsing_ XML files from the local harddisk.
      I pass an ifstream to XmlDocument::createDocument(), what exceptions should I catch)?

      • Thomas Hansen
        Thomas Hansen

        If you catch the base class called xCeption you should be pretty safe...


        • Fine, thank you.
          Actually it looks like all xCeptionSomething exeptions extend std::exception and not xCeption.

          No problem, I'll find another way to do what I need :)