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QSign new package announce

Hi all,

the Smart Sign projects now hosts a new package, namely QSign,
a Qt-based application for managing smart-card based digital
signatures. The first package release is available for free
download from the Smart Sign web site:

(still missing some info in the web pages, so go straight
to the Download->Download SF subsection).

The program interacts with an external device such as a
smart-card by the use of the PKCS#11 interface. Signatures
are formatted in PEM-encoded PKCS#7 format.... read more

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2003-08-14

JMuscleCard Released

The new package JMuscleCard has been released, allowing Java Applications and Applets to use MuscleCard API. This is a JNI-based gateway, that almost maps one-to-one MuscleCard API function calls to Java methods, with the addition of a minimal set of classes. JMuscleCard allows Java applications to take advantage of MuscleCard smart-card drivers.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2003-07-25

Sign-MCard 0.2.0 release announce

A new release of the Sign-MCard package is available for download from the download section, both in source format and in binary RPM format for RedHat Linux distributions. The new release fixes some problems arising when trying to use a user PIN different from the transport one.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2003-03-31

OpenSSH-MCard-3.5p1 release announce

Hi all,

a new OpenSSH-MCard package has been released, by integrating latest OpenSSH package for Linux (3.5p1) with latest PCSC-Lite / MuscleCard smart card middleware (1.1.1). Try it out and post comments to the Smart Sign mailing lists.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2003-01-24

Sign-MCard new release announce

A new release of the Sign-MCard package has been

It allows to calculate PKCS#7 digital
signatures on generic files using smartcards with
the MUSCLE Card Framework for interoperability
across multiple vendor devices.

The new release mainly fixes some minor bugs.
Now the signing utility infers the PIN number to
be used from the key usage ACL word onto the card.
It is also possible to load an externally
generated, DER-encoded, key onto the card,
by using the new command 'load_key'.... read more

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2002-06-03

Sign-MCard 2nd beta release

A second beta release for Sign-MCard is available. It fixes a basic problem in connecting to MuscleCard when multiple tokens are available. Now a better testing can be done by everybody.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2002-04-20

Sign-MCard New Package Release

The new package Sign-MCard has been released, allowing to calculate digital signatures on generic files using smartcards. It is built above the MuscleCard framework, so it benefits from all its features: interoperability across smartcard vendors, portability on multiple platforms, ...

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2002-03-22

Smart Sign Web Site updated

Smart Sign Web Site has been updated. Please, check out the
new "F.A.Q." section and enjoy the direct links from the download-info
page to the downloadables themselves.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2002-02-06

New sign-cflex package

Hi all,

a new subpackage has been created in the Smart Sign project: Sign-CFlex is the signing/verifying command line utilities included in SmartSign, with more packaging options and Windows/Cygwin compatibility.
Check out the release notes for futher information.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2002-01-31

New OpenSSH release announce

A little bug that caused agent crash on smart card insertion and removal was fixed in the new (minor) release of OpenSSH-MCard.

Please, check out Smart Sign download page.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2001-12-14

New SSP-Lite release announced

Hi all,

a new version of the SSP-Lite smartcard middleware has been released. Autoconf support has been added. The package still needs to be tested under different platforms. Feedback on troubles during compilation or installation on systems different from Linux are welcome.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2001-09-24

New release announce

Released SmartShell new 0.1.2 version. It includes a user manual.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2001-08-08