I don't mind releasing source code under GPL. I actually had GPL in mind while writing this.

All installed components are released under GPL. The installer itself is not but i think it's licence is fully GPL compatible ( http://www.jrsoftware.org/files/is/license.txt )


As for a more flexible way configuring smartd via a GUI tool, maybe in the future, but for now i really had "quick and dirty" installation in mind.

I will release source code (once i cleaned it a bit up because it's kinda messy as of today) and a final version of the installer tool probably in next weeks.


I wrote this installer as one-time software for my company, but i would take maintainership for support and new versions if needed.


Cheers (or Mfg ?)

Ozy de Jong.

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De: Christian Franke <Christian.Franke@t-online.de>
Envoyé: mar. 02-10-2012 13:11
Sujet: Re: [smartmontools-support] Space character bug in smartd.conf for windows
À: Ozy de Jong <ozy@badministrateur.com>;
Hallo Ocy,

Ozy de Jong wrote:
> RE: [smartmontools-support] Space character bug in smartd.conf for
> windows
> Hello Christian,
> Thank you for your answer, it indeed works this way.
> Knowing this, i was able to get my project to work.


I will add quoting to smartd.conf in the future.

> I have built a new installation engine for smartmontools which
> includes graphical install-time configuration and mail support, all
> scriptable by command switches too.
> A preliminary (working but not enough tested) version is available
> here:
> http://www.badministrateur.com/sites/default/files/smartmontools-win-5.43-1.zip
> Translation have yet to be done (i speak french, german and english).
> I've made this to "mass install" smart with mails enabled on domain
> computers via GPO or boot-time scripts, but i think it may also be
> easier for an end user to configure smart in a graphical way.
> Hopefully this might interest community when finished.


Are you willing to release the sourcecode under GPL ?
Are all components OpenSource?

BTW: An even more flexible solution would be a stand-alone GUI tool to
edit smartd.conf. Ideally be written using a portable Framework (GTK2,
wxWidgets) for the benefit of our other platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, ...).
GSmartControl uses GTK2 and proves that this works well.