I have just installed your latest version of smartmontools for Windows on my Acer Revo R3610  Nettop under Win7 from the following link, and choosing under 'Windows' > here


and from there using: http://sourceforge.net/projects/smartmontools/files/ then 'Download now' which delivered a file 'smartmontools-5.39.1-1,win32-setup.exe' 408.3KB
I unziped that and accepted the install not changing and defaults.  It said it would create shortcuts to run - however there was no sortcut on Desktop or in Start menu, and nothing in the systray !!

I looked in 'Program Files to see if anything had happened and saw under smartmontools 2 folders bin & doc.  Read the doc files most of which didn't relate to Windows.

Guessed the file 'smartctl-run.bat may get it going.  But nothing appeared to happen other than a request from my Comodo SIS to allow it to run outside the 'sandbox' which I allowed.

Then ran 'smartd-run.bat' and got a DOS window saying "smartd: now detaches from console into background" ... "Press any key to continues"  I did that and DOS window closes.

Looked in Task Mgr>Apps, and its not listed, and nothing recognisable in the Processes tab either.

I read in one of the sourceforge pages, smartmon windows versio uses the normal GUI so surprised to see non.

On seeing this result I now remember I tried using smartmon on my Dell notebook under WinXP SP2 a few years back but with similar result.  I contacted your support only to be told we know nothing about windows !  - what the point in releasing a Win version if unsupported ?

Normally a Windows App just installs and runs in an obvious plug-play manner so rarely a need to ask how to just 'Run it'.   I see from the heritage it was built without a GUI in mind and required the UI to type cmd line parameters;  however, if as sourceforge say the Win ver is GUI, surely those selections can be done from the GUI ?

I spent a while looking round for a Windows-specific 'Quick-Start' guide, but found non.  Likewise with a menu on your site to select OS support

Grateful if you can ask the person who supports the Win-specific version (Item 10 in your supported OS list) if they can either post me a hopefully short but clear Quick-Start instruction on getting it going

Thanking you in advance.