I just got a recertified WD 2TB EARS drive and I decided to check it out right away to make sure it was ok.

I was running "badblocks -sw -b4096 /dev/hdc"  And it was about 4% done with no problems

I opened up another terminal and ran smartctl --all /dev/hdc and it gave me an error message, so I went back to the other terminal to find that badblocks was now reporting everything as as a bad block.

I then tried rebooting the computer and my hard drive is now mostly a brick.  A few times the bios and/or the wd diagnostics tools will detect the drive but the drive model number and serial number now show up as completely blank, and trying to do anything (i.e. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdc) with the drive would result in failure.

I will return it for another one but I thought I should mention this after seeing an article about similar, but less severe problems with the Spinpoint F4 drive.  Although, if anyone has any suggestions on how I might try to fix the drive I would be grateful.