I'm trying to access SMART data on a 3Ware 7500-8 RAID controller.  Only a single Seagate 7200.9 family PATA drive attached, Windows XP SP3.  Can't come up with the magic command line parms for smartctl. e.g, 'smartctl -a /dev/hdd,0' doesn't work, says driver doesn't support SMART.  Drivers are all the latest from web site, have only now to burn some firmware. 
I've seen notes that maybe this controller (earlier versions?) doesn't support the pass-through needed by smartmontools under windows.  But some notes on the web site specifically mention upgrades to enable SMART monitoring, but don't mention OS-specific constraints.
Is this a dead end?  I'm sure I bought it last year specifically for the SMART access, but for some reason can't figure it out (using smartmontools 5.39, read the smartctl man page, etc)
Thank you in advance for your help.
-- Roy Zider