Thank you very much.
I have a device that doesn't support to check the power state. Thus the -n option doesn't work for this one. I wanted to configure a longer check interval only for this device. As I understand this is not possible in the smartd.conf. With your help I managed to configure the check interval for the service and thus for all devices. But I'd like to leave the check interval for the other device.
If there is any chance to manage different check intervals for different devices I'd be greatful for advice.
If this is not possible I'll have to live with it.
Thank you very much

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Betreff/Subject: Re: [smartmontools-support] How to configure check interval for smartd
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bege wrote:
Thank you very much for the answer.
I use smartd as a windows service. The service starts at system startup with the options in smartd.conf.
How do I set the check interval in smartd.conf?

This is not possible. A command line option needs to be specified in the command line :-)

Remove ("smartd remove") and Reinstall the service with desired options ("smartd install -i ..").

Alternatively you could maintain the configuration of any service with the "sc" tool. The command "sc qc smartd" prints the current setting of the smartd service.


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