Ticket 21 http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/smartmontools/ticket/21 " not able to pull stats from drives attached to areca 1680 controllers" is marked as fixed and closed. Fantastic!

The catch: r3556 notes the new feature requires firmware "1.51 or a recent beta version".

Areca's firmware site http://www.areca.us/support/main.htm lists the last firmware for 1680 as 149 from 2010-12-02, which is more recent than the latest beta (ftp://ftp.areca.com.tw/RaidCards/BIOS_Firmware/ARC1680/Beta/).

The new firmware is released only for the 18xx series.

So the ticket should not be closed. We still don't have a smartmontool solution for 1680 after all these years!

Or am I missing something?