One of my hard drives is not showing up on the desktop.  I ran MacHelpMate Utility Program for SMART drives.  It gave me this message
For information about adding a drive to the database see the FAQ on the
smartmontools home page:

I went to the site and not sure FAQ is there or not.  Help . . . how do I add my Hard drive back onto the data base?

Alex Guerrero

I have PowerBook G4/800 DVI (Titanium) MAC OSX vers 10.3.9 Panther PowerPC 800Mhz G4

The main HD is
Model: IBM-IC25N040ATCS04-0
Mount Point: /dev/disk0
Capacity: 37.26 GB
Writable: Yes
Ejectable: No
Removable: No
Bus: ATA
Bus Location: Internal
Revision: CA4AA71A
Socket Type: Internal
Serial Number:       CSL407DCC8ZDLA
Connection: Master
ATA Version: ATA-4

The HD not showing up is"
Model: Maxtor 5000LE v01.00.00
Mount Point: /dev/disk1
Capacity: 111.79 GB
Writable: Yes
Ejectable: No
Removable: No
Bus: USB
Bus Location: External
Revision: 0100
Product: 5000LE v01.00.00
Vendor: Maxtor
USB Address: 2
Serial Number: WD-WMAL92218

Extra HD
Mount Point: /dev/disk2s4
Format: HFS+ (Mac OS Extended)
Journaling: Disabled
Created: 02/21/03 02:34:32 AM
Modified: 05/04/06 01:09:18 PM
Capacity: 115.02 GB
Used: 115.02 GB
Available: 96.00 KB
Files: 153,444
Folders: 21,657
Writable: Yes
Ejectable: No
Removable: No