Hi Smartmontools Team,
I am using a Highpoint RocketRaid 2340 controller with 16 disks connected.
I have now setup SMART monitoring on my server and want to monitor all disks on the 2340 controller.

I am using Ubuntu Server 8.04.3 64bit. Your nice tool have support for Highpoint controllers, but when I try to access a drive higher then 8 I get an error message.

To access the drives on the controller with ex. smartctl I use a string like this:
smartctl -a -d hpt,1/1 /dev/sda
smartctl -a -d hpt,1/1/1 /dev/sda

I both this cases I will get information from drive 1 on the first channel.
This works well up to 1/8/1 (or 1/8).

But when I want to access the rest of the drives 9-16, what do I have to change?
I have tried several different lines... Like follows, and all give me an error message...
smartctl -a -d hpt,1/9/1 /dev/sda
smartctl -a -d hpt,1/a/1 /dev/sda
smartctl -a -d hpt,1/9 /dev/sda
smartctl -a -d hpt,1/a /dev/sda
smartctl -a -d hpt,1/09 /dev/sda
smartctl -a -d hpt,1/09/1 /dev/sda...

How can I access the last 8 drives on my controller? Is it even possible?

Thank you for a great program otherwise! :)

Best Regards /Erik Pettersson - If you can't find it, make it - http://www.snille.net
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