Smartfrog 3.17.010 Released

This release brings everything up to date with what we've been doing; the full changelog is rather large

* This edition comes with a version of Hadoop which branched off Hadoop's SVN_HEAD in march; I'm bringing my branch up to date this week with the goal being merging back in to the main branch. It let's SmartFrog manage Hadoop components
provided you are not running with a real JVM security manager. We've got some tweaks in to the Hadoop code so it exists with a dummy security manager -one that does not validate anything- but on a real one, Hadoop refuses to play. You should therefore only bring up a Hadoop cluster on a network you trust. Given that Hadoop lacks any real form of security (callers are trusted to be who they say they are), this does not make a Hadoop cluster any more vulnerable than it was already.

* The JARs were all built on java1.6. The 4.x releases of SmartFrog will be Java1.6 only in the language and APIs used, this release and all future releases are preparing people for that by requiring Java1.6 in the JARs. People can still roll back to Java1.5 by making their own releases, as the source itself is still Java1.5 compatible. For now.

Posted by Steve Loughran 2009-05-18