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Subject: [Smartfrog-developer] creating child compound component



Is it possible to create a new child component of type Compound under another Compound component, I could see a method sfCreateNewChild() which creates child of type Prim, however I did not find one for Compound component. Is the purpose of sfAddChild(), to convert the child Prim component to Compound?


sfCreateNewChild() can create any type of child as long as it implements Prim interface. Compound implements Prim (aka Primitive) and the same with every SmartFrog component.

sfCreateNewChild() will use sfAddChild(). You don’t need to use sfAddChild() unless you manage you deployment manually.

I understand that, when a child SF component (either Prim or Compound) is created, it undergoes its entire lifecycle. Can the entire lifecycle process be bypassed?

Yes, but it is up to the parent to decide this. Compound will drive its children through their lifecycle but other components like Parallel will behave in a different way.

Programmatically you can change all this to fit your requirements. Check this thread for more info


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