The configuration data of my cluster are small sets of attribute value
pairs, not lots of data. The data amount is not large, but we really
need the reliability.

Usually, I make config change in the management console of my cluster,
then this console will communicate with the daemon in the master node,
and send the config change to it. The daemon will activate the change
and write them in the config file stored in the NFS. Then other
management nodes will also see the changes. But obviously, NFS coulde
be a single-point failure of my cluster.

Now I am trying to change this flow. The config change I make in the
management console will be saved as a .sf file, then I will run my own
SmartFrog component which extends some SmartFrog inbuilt services.
This component will get the config change by parsing the .sf file and
send the change to the daemon in master node. The daemon will activate
this change, then the component I mentioned before will write the
change to the local file, and propagate this file to all the
manangement nodes.

Any suggestions about this approach?:-)