Hi Bithika,


I am not sure about what you mean with “process_name”.  I guess that you mean the name used to start a SmartFrog description file. This name is the name that will be used to register the new application/system into the SmartFrog daemon and it has to be unique.


When you try to deploy two descriptions with the same name the daemon will fail reporting that the name is already used. In you case, what is possibly happening is that after a while the deployed description terminates completely and cleans up, and that is why you can deploy the same description with the same name again without any problem.


Which example or description file were you using?






PS: Please, for support send your messages to: smartfrog-support@lists.sourceforge.net. In this way your have better chances of getting a fast response because of the number of people subscribed to the list.


From: Khargharia, Bithika [mailto:bithika.khargharia@intel.com]
Sent: 09 October 2004 04:11
Subject: SmartFrog Question




I am facing the following problem while executing a SmartFrog description file (that comes with your distribution package).


“Compound has a non-replacable attribute <process_name>”. However if I execute the same file with a different process name it works fine. Also, if I execute the file with the same process name after a while, it works fine.


I fail to understand the reason. Any help would be appreciated.