What type of interaction do you require? We have some generic tools that allow interaction with a user, such as the management console. The command-line tools provide a limited degree of interaction in the sense that they display status information about the deployment or other action.
Some of the examples/services have user interaction components - for example the dynamic web server example has a slider bar component and graphing components that could be reused.
If you want components that specifically interact with a client for a specific purpose, then these are indeed application components which you will need to write -  we have no general configurable components for this. If you do write some general purpose client interaction components, please do make them available if at all possible.

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Subject: [Smartfrog-support] How does comunnication happens with the users?

    How does communication  happens with the end user to smartfrog, i am not able to find any docs releated to this kind of interatction. If i want to display some information to the user and get some inputs on that from user and then process further, i need to write the java code for this? Or is there any utility available already?

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