hello all,
All i need from this smartfrog group is..I am trying to learn&work with smartfrog&i really want to know what can i do with smartfrog.I am running HP-UX&want to knw for what smartfrog is used.
I read the doc by colin low for basics..Fine..i am bit clear how itz used.
Now my questions are
1.I need a very very simple java program which uses smartfrog methodology..so that i can take it as a basis&start workingt on it..This is because i am not sure where&how to start the program
2.Smartfrog is for distributed systems..to test/run a component at same time.Am i rite.If so i have 5 HP-UX systems..how &in what way i use smartfrog in these.This is because i am really not aware of real time use of smartfrog.Or does it really have one..In simple terms..pampasswd module in hp-ux serves a secured authentication...openjms for messaging...so what does smartfrog serve to me..

Colin L

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