On Fri, 2007-03-16 at 14:04 +0000, Steve Loughran wrote:
ViK wrote:
> hello,
> Is there any specific reason behind resetting CLASSPATH= in setSFProperties
> file? Because when load/deploy MyFooComponent, though I set myfoo.jar in
> classpath on the command prompt, it throws exception "class not found".
> After I copy myfoo.jar in ~dist/lib or edit setSFProperties to include foo.jar
> in classpath it worked.
> Is any specific reason behind resetting CLASSPATH to null (CLASSPATH=) in
> setSFProperties file? or there are better approaches to handle this.

It probably does this because the CLASSPATH env variable is generally 
perceived as a bad idea. It contaminates your Java package space, and 
even if you start off without one, installing iTunes on windows is 
enough for Apple to force a quicktime zip file onto your CP whether you 
want it or not.

what we could do is steal some of the Ant launcher code to handle a -lib 
prompt to add every JAR in a lib directory, and/or have a 
~/.smartfrog/.lib dir for which things get auto added.
Adding every jar files to lib directory manually would be painful. Auto adding is a better option.

Thanks steve.



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