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The SmartFrog framework is released under LGPL license.
Running the core system requires a platform with Java 1.4.2
(or above) installed. Ant 1.6.1 is required to (re)compile
the SmartFrog sources.
The system has mainly been tested on
Win32 and Linux.
The SmartFrog software package can be downloaded in
gzipped tar or zip formats and in two different packages:
 - SmartFrog.3.02.002.beta.20040429_DIST: binaries and
 - SmartFrog.3.02.002.beta.20040429_ALL: sources, binaries
   and documentation.
Main Changes since 3.02.000_alpha
  - New TDB (To Be Defined) predicate
Deployment engine:
  - Bug fixes
  - Improved Dynamic Webserver Example and documentation
Please, see changes.txt for a complete description of changes.