#8 Flash on/off, resolutions

Niraj Bhawnani

Thanks for this software.. I've been following development since 1.3 and I'm amazed at the fact that this is free and works so well :)

I'm not sure but I think version 1.3 did not turn on my Nokia N73's flash every time the camera was sending.. I've upgraded to 1.4 and now the flash is always on. Besides wasting a considerable amount of battery, it is also annoying to look at a bright flash all the time. Can we have an on/off option for that with default=off?

Another request is the ability to switch resolutions. v1.4 only supports 320 pixels which is quite slow over Bluetooth (4-5FPS) I'm hoping either some work can be done to better compress the stream sent to the PC to improve framerate or allow users to choose between 160px or 320px.

It also wouldn't hurt to have an icon for the app on the phone :)


  • Niraj Bhawnani
    Niraj Bhawnani

    Another thing I noticed with v1.4 is that I can no longer select which camera to use on my phone. Phones with multiple cameras (3G phones) are not showing an option to switch camera. I thought it was rather nice to be able to select which camera to use :(

    Another thing that is bugging me is that the phone software is set to use the phone in portrait mode (i.e. the correct orientation of a picture is when your phone is standing upright) This is true for most low end Nokia phones but on higher end phones (N-series) the correct orientation on the phone is supposed to be when the phone is tilted 90 degrees (landscape). I think this is also causing my phone to use an odd resolution.. 352x228 Maybe it would be nice to allow users to choose the orientation.

    If all this could be fixed in the next few versions I think you'll have a very solid piece of software.