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Ari Shapiro

SmartBody is a character animation platform that provides the following capabilities in real time:
Locomotion (walk, jog, run, turn, strafe, jump, etc.)
Steering - avoiding obstacles and moving objects
Object manipulation - reach, grasp, touch , point at and pick up objects
Lip Syncing - characters can speak with simultaneous lip-sync using text-to-speech or prerecorded audio
Gazing - robust gazing behavior that incorporates various parts of the body
Nonverbal behavior - gesturing, head nodding and shaking, eye saccades

SmartBody is written in C++ and can be incorporated into most game and simulation engines. We currently have interfaces for the following engines:

  • Unity
  • Ogre
  • Unreal
  • Panda3D
  • GameBryo

SmartBody is developed at the University of Southern California.

Screenshot thumbnail
Screenshot thumbnail
Full body IK
Screenshot thumbnail
Crowds, locomotion and steering

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