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Work Started on - ideas please!

I have begun to start work on and so any requests or ideas please post them either on the mailing list or the forums.

Posted by James Coxon 2004-10-17

Thy HTTP Server

Thy HTTP Server Released, extremely easy to set up:
cp thyd to /usr/sbin
cp and libz.1.1.14 to /lib
cp the directory thy to /usr/local/etc/
HTML web pages go in /var/www
Execute thy and off you go.

Posted by James Coxon 2004-08-28

Small Linux Released

Building upon the last release this includes:
e3 - text editor
mkfs.ext2 - allows formating or partions
tinylogin - adds login, password support, users and groups
ncftp - ftp client (in gzipped form)
lilo - allows installation onto harddrive (see harddrive.txt)

All Comments welcome

Posted by James Coxon 2004-08-12

Small Linux Released

Small Linux has been released, its just a prototype so don't expect the world from it. Download it and try it out and post any comments back either on the mailing list or in the forums...
(ignore the lesstif file not sure where that came from...)

Posted by James Coxon 2004-08-06


Welcome to the continuation of the Small Linux, we are in the planning stages of a 0.9.0 release and if you would like to help then join the mailing list

Posted by James Coxon 2004-07-30