Microtek ScanMaker 3600 driver / News: Recent posts

Version 1.0.13 available

new release with respect to endinaness available (as in SANE 1.0.13)

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2004-04-16

Hotplug info available

Since I never found Glenn's hotplugging info again, I just wrote it for sm3600.sf.net.

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2002-01-12

Hotplug install instructions

There are some instructions about how to use the scanner with the linux hotplug system, these included with the release notes of the SANE 1.04 patch available from the files area. You can download the release notes without downloading the whole patch. BTW the 1.04 patch is obselete since the driver is now part of the main SANE distribution.

Posted by Glenn Ramsey 2001-12-31

Driver now part of SANE distribution

The sm3600 driver has been included in the SANE distribution since release 1.05 of SANE. You no longer need to download any of the files from this site.

Posted by Glenn Ramsey 2001-12-31

sane backend with brighness compensation

An updated sane backend with brightness compensation is now available. The results are much better than the previous sane-backend-104 release.

Posted by Glenn Ramsey 2001-06-01

Gain calibration works

Now the background has a constant brightness.
Try the new version of the backend!

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-05-28

SANE backend released

We have made a release of a sane backend. It can be downloaded as a patch against sane-backends-1.0.4. Download it from the files area or the summary page.

Posted by Glenn Ramsey 2001-05-19

Gamma support for SANE

The backend now supports Gamma LUT processing inside the scanner for lossless exposure control.

And the slider return is far more robust now.

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-05-02

SANE port in progress

The port from a standalone application to a SANE backend is in progress. This includes *some* architectural changes.

See the mailinglist archive and STAY TUNED!

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-04-10

Exposure control

Hey, we now can correct brightness and contrast.
it is great especially for copy-halftone-scanning.

Have fun with it!

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-04-02

Gray and Black/White modes

Now You can scan with grayscale and black-white modes.

B/W offers line art (2 color) and error diffusion, what makes it ideal for copy scanning.

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-04-02

clean color scans

The color sensor lines are skeyed by approx. 2/300 inch. The ouput is now passed through a delay pipe.

Thus, the scans now are clean, sharp and still fast.

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-03-27

Faster scanning and jogging

After Glenn pointed out, that there is a "speed" option with SW5, i optimized a bit on the scan and movement.

Now we can jog the slider at full speed.

color scans can be done with 75-600 dpi with arbitrary scan windows.

We have still problems with the slider end-of-path detection.

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-03-26

Analysis of control blocks underway.

Some scans give RGB byte ordering, some give BRG. Relation is unclear. The scans are fully windowed.
The 1200DPI scan is performed at real 600DPI. RGB lines are parallaxed by 1/200 DPI or more and need correction.
Package is modularized now.

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-03-22

First color scan

I figured out, how the sm3600 makes real scans. It uses an asychronous model. Now we can do the "overview" scan.

Posted by Marian Eichholz 2001-03-20