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Slirp 1.0.16 Released

New Release, a number of improvements
and bug fixes.


Posted by Roger Plant 2004-09-07

Slirp 1.0.13 released -- root not needed!

Users of Slirp now no longer need to set up a getty just to attach a PalmOS or WinCE device to their computer now. Arbitrary TTY support has been added, and some items fixed.

Posted by Kelly Price 2000-09-30

Slirp 1.0.10 released

Slirp 1.0.10 has been released to reflect the total move to SourceForge. Users of 1.0g are encuraged to upgrade, as many fixes have allowed more platforms to be used.

Posted by Kelly Price 2000-05-30

Slirp moves to SourceForge

Slirp, the SLIP/PPP emulator, is now on SourceForge to help aid , maintain, and develop this software.

Posted by Kelly Price 2000-04-15