#152 Wireless, Digital, and Remote Angle Requests

Sean Adams
Hardware (8)

Slim Devices,
I am pretty sure that you have heard this before but my
requests are that Slim Devices adds a couple
connectivity features and that of a functionality

The first is the ability to hook the unit up digitally to any
recent home theater stereo. Whether or not you
choose TOSLINK or coaxial would be fine with me.
Profiling your customers you will find that most of us
techno-geeks MUCH prefer this connectivity option

The second request is for built in 802.11b wireless
support. This not only truncates the physical
connections by 25% it allows for MUCH greater flexability
and value to consumers which have wireless networks
(most consumers who have home networks have
wireless rather than copper anyway). It's a lot to ask a
consumer to have to impose an infrastructure to get
your device up and running, not to mention
unsightly. :)

The last request is for a clear raised "bubble" to be
molded into the plastic front over the infared port or
included as a sticker. This would greatly extend the
angle to which the unit can receive remote commands.
Any user that happens to mount this unit in the wall will
discover that "line of sight" limitation rather quickly.
This is an extremely cheap addition. Heck, you could
just include a "sticker" in the box and let the user decide
if they want to use it as it would deface the sleek front
of the unit.

I know some of these are BIG requests, but with sales
increasing as they are and the pricy "new innovation
among early adopters" phase you are reaching to move
out of, you might as well swallow the market completely
instead of giving competitors footholds. (i.e. It would be
easy for Linksys to come out with the same unit and
steal your base with their home-wireless competitive
advantage, not to mention 3/5 of us at home with
wireless networks run Linksys equipment already. --
being limitlessly backed by Cisco they could slap an MP3
Decoder in, add a decent display from Matrix Orbital and
boom.) SO, You could drop the price on the current
model and then have the next one up having the other
enhancements requested. (please forgive the bizz

Honestly, I'm waiting for the features I have just
outlined before I cough up the dough and buy one, only
to have to cough up more later when these features DO
come out on a unit.

Excellent, excellent work so far, you all have something
to be proud of and the fact that you are going places in
a difficult hardware universe!!