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Interactive mode added to SlideViewer

A new interactive mode was added to SlideViewer. It enables browsing directories and switching the shuffle and repeat options on the fly. The project was significantly re-architected to streamline and improve its operation. A makefile was added for Linux. Compatibility modifications now enable compilation also on Microsoft via MinGW.

Posted by Skeet Monker 2008-07-02

New functions added to SlideViewer

New options were added to SlideViewer for repeating slide sequences a number of times or indefinitely, as well as to display images by random-shuffle.
A help feature lists the available options by typing -h on the command-line.

Posted by Skeet Monker 2008-06-14

Initial SlideViewer Released

The initial version of SlideViewer has been released. It automatically displays all pictures under selected directories. It maximizes their size within window, without distorting them. Sequencing speed is controllable. User can pause, step back, and resume.

Posted by Skeet Monker 2008-05-19