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Sleutel 0.8 Released

- Upgraded to 3.4M5

Firs Install
- Updated default layout to only include labels view (left) and editor (right).

Feature request 1885950 (preset password length)
- Add password generation options to preferences )
- Make auto-generation of password on entry creation optional (preferences)

- Fix handling of files with unknown encryption algorithm or security provider (bug 1839807)... read more

Posted by Sleutel 2008-02-16

Sleutel 0.7M2 Released

This release adds:

- support for security questions/answers (request id 1743438)
- set execution bits on sleutel executable for Linux/MacOS
- encryption provider/algorithm selection in preferences set when new password files are created.

- 746545 mgr file gets written as empty file on exception

For more information on this release: ... read more

Posted by Sleutel 2007-08-26

Sleutel 0.7 Released

This release adds:

- selectable encryption algorithms (using Java JCE)
- multiple label selections for password entry filtering
- a simple XML import/export option
- first cut at a MacOS binary

Note that this release changes the Sleutel storage format so if you use Sleutel at multiple computers, make sure to upgrade on all machines. Pre-0.7 files will be automatically upgraded on save.

For more information on this release: read more

Posted by Sleutel 2007-06-25

Sleutel 0.6 Released

A small update that adds create/update dialogs to Sleutel. Instead of using the properties view and edit perspective, Sleutel will bring up creation dialogs when creating new password entries or labels. Double clicking on an entry in the list will open an update dialog for the selected entry.

== Version 0.6 ==

- Added create/update dialogs for password entries and labels.
- Double click on item opens the update dialog for the selected item.... read more

Posted by Sleutel 2007-02-07

Sleutel 0.5 - New and Noteworthy

Posted by Sleutel 2006-12-15

Sleutel 0.5 Released

Bug Fixes
- 1608051 (PasswordEntry view causes exceptions when closed)

- Added LabelsView to allow the user to filter the password entry list
on a given label
- Added action to remove specific or all labels for single or multiple entries
- Added action to assign labels to single or multiple entries
- Updated the delete action to ask for confirmation if the label is in use
by entries. If a label in use is deleted, the label references will be
removed from the refering password entries.... read more

Posted by Sleutel 2006-12-14

Sleutel 0.4.1 Released

Fixes a regression introduced in 0.4 (bug 1604919: password gets lost after change)

Posted by Sleutel 2006-11-29

Sleutel 0.4 Released

- Added ability to create/store/delete labels for later usage. The labels
will be used to label password entries (say home vs work password entries).
Currently labels cannot be assigned or filtered on yet (e.g. they're of no
use yet :)
The storage format has changed to accomodate the storage of label entries.
Old style files are automatically upgraded when loaded for the first time
and saved again (in the new format).... read more

Posted by Sleutel 2006-11-26

Version 0.3 Released

Status bar
- Added current entry:entry count status bar contribution based on
the Eclipse BasicTextEditorActionContributor.

- Added quick search text field contribution in main toolbar allowing
quick finding of password entries by name

Password editting/generation
- Added PasswordCellEditor with password generator
- Generate default random password for each new password entry (16 characters,
upper/lower case/numeric).... read more

Posted by Sleutel 2006-11-13

Version 0.2 released

This version comes a bit closer to an actually usable application. Changes:

Source code
- Removed unused classes.
- Added CHANGES.txt to keep track of modifications per version.
- Added LICENSE.txt (Apache v2.0)

- Implemented sorting for all table colummns.

Editor open
- During startup, close the editor if the password file could not be decrypted
with the provided password.

- Changed the password entry icons with key icons from read more

Posted by Sleutel 2006-11-04

First version released

This is the first release of Sleutel. The state of the code is basically a starting point for future development. The source code has not been uploaded to subversion yet but is included in the Eclipse generated distributions. In the next few weeks I am hoping to have a reasonably working version.

Final note: this applications requires a Java 5 JRE installed on your system.

Posted by Sleutel 2006-11-02