#25 spheres and character damage


So not a "vanilla" slashem question per se....but

I have some new spheres and I still can't figure out how to get them to specialdamage the character.

shock sphere works because it was already there, but...

I made some new sphere monsters.

1. gas sphere probably need to just add somewhere the possibility of characters' weapon/armor/items being corroded
(monsters DO get this damage on their items but not characters)

2. slumber spheres do NOT put the character to sleep atexplode but DO put monsters to sleep.

3. confusing spheres do NOT get the character confused atexplode but DO get monsters confused.

4. void spheres do NOT teleport the character atexplode but DO teleport monsters

5. poison spheres do NOT poison characters atexplode but DO poison monsters

ALL spheres do damage just not special damage.

So my question is this:
Where is it (in the sourcefiles) that special damage to characters from flame/freeze/shock spheres is handled and can I just add lines of code there to get the other spheres' to work?