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J. Ali Harlow
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(please help guy here again)
I guess I need to be more specific, sorry.
I just wanted to get some sort of run down on adding a role.
Like (role) HAS to be defined and/or referenced in
just so I know that if I didn't put a reference to (role) in (file) it won't be accepted.
I can probably figure out minor tweaks like ahoy instead of hello or monkey/parrot instead of cat/dog, but I don't really know where to reference just the basic references.
In other words I want to compile it and have the new class display in the selection screen even if it doesn't work right or needs to be tweaked to balance the game.
So I just want to know the basics. Maybe just pick a character and list what files I need to look at or modify.
Like these are all the files that had to be modified in order for yeoman or icemage or caveman to compile without errors and show up on the menu screen.
I'll figure out the specifics by looking up yeoman icemage caveman etc in those files and make things work, but the problem that I think I am having is that I haven't correctly defined or referenced PM_PIRATE in all the right files and I would like to know which files NEED some sort of reference to the role so that all the stuff I have coded become valid.
maybe I should go about this differently.
other than the quest levels (which I haven't got to yet)
I have added code to
include artilist.h
src attrib.c ; dog.c ; monst.c ; objnam.c ; potion.c ; read.c ; role.c ; trap.c ; u_init.c ; wield.c ; zap.c
dat quest.txt
so artilist.h is for the artifact read/potion/wield/trap/zap are for fireproofing/waterproofing the artifact scroll of magic mapping
dog is for the new random pets and objnam is for pirate names for some items
attrib role and u_init are for the role itself
and monst is for the quest nemesis/guardian/leader
and what I am wondering is..
is there anything more that needs to go into monst.c other than those 3 and any other spot I need a reference/definition to PM_PIRATE that I might have missed (in other words with the other character classes they are defined also in (file).c (file).h (file).c AND (file.c) otherwise it would NOT accept that class and crash on compile) (I already know I have to do the quest levels I just got to look at the other roles' files and make those new files for pirate)

I'm really close to getting this and I want to at least get the character functioning so I can test it.

So do I need to add code to any other files to get it to compile? I can figure out what to add if I know where to look (for examples of the other roles' code)


  • J. Ali Harlow
    J. Ali Harlow

    If you are getting compile errors then the changes you have made must have caused the relevant file to no longer be legal C. This is nothing to do with Slash'EM. I suggest you read the error messages the compiler is giving you and fix the problems. I'm afraid that this is not something the dev-team can help you with.

  • J. Ali Harlow
    J. Ali Harlow

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