For anyone that's running cvs-head, I've got a new plugin that does story revisioning. The idea behind the plugin is to enable your authors to use the story editor for more collaboration. You can now easily see what other authors (who, what, when) was changed in each story.

Grab it here:

cvs co Storyhistory

you'll need to apply the admin.patches.txt patch (it's recursive to the root of your src code checkout) which adds the interface to Slash::Admin.


new slashbox on the story-editor interface:

viewing a revision:

comparing two revisions:

This is *beta* if that. I just wrote this thing last nite/this morning. So YMMV don't run it on a production system, eat fruits and veggies and if this borks anything on your end don't come cryin to me etc etc blah blah.

Any bugs reports/suggestions/comments appreciated. Please email them directly to me, thanks.



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