What version of slash are you using?

After you installed the source- and you installed your slash site, what'd you do exactly?

For your subdomains, did you install a new slashsite, or did you create a new section (or skin, depending on the version of slash you are using)?

Typically, one installs the src code (make install), then runs install-slashsite to create a website that's slashcode-based.

Then, when the site grows, they create a skin (or section if you're using an older version of slash), define a url (ie http://{subdomain}.mytld.org } for that skin, add the URL to their httpd config and restart httpd. What is abnormal about what you are saying is that you're talking about having multiple virtual users and db's.

If you ran install-slashsite for your main TLD, and then ran install-slashsite for each subdomain, then what you did was created unique websites (and a unique slashcode website) for each URL. And if that is indeed what you did, there is no published automated way to combine these, atleast that I'm aware of. I've never heard of anyone doing it this way before. If this is what you did, I would delete the website instances for the subdomains, add the subdomains to the base-website's skins, 

The way that slashdot associates one story with multiple skins on their website is stock code. See 



for more of an explanation.


On Sep 12, 2006, at 1:56 PM, Imtiaz A khan wrote:

I was finally able to setup slashcode and get it working as well as get subdomains going. I used multiple virtual users and multiple databases for the subdomains. Now my question is :

  1. Is it possible to have one central database for all of the subdomains?  This way, when a user logs into the homepage or any of the subdomains, he will be logged into the entire site (this is what we want).  It also may be easier to set up the subdomains to pull from this central database according to different parameters (for example: only display rock stories).
  2. I see on slashdot.org that they have multiple stories listed on the front page and these come from different subdomains. Is that a plugin at work and if yes what should I be looking at?
I would very much like to have a single sign-on for all subdomains and content sharing between all, however if that is not something slashcode provides as a functionality is it atleast possible to get content from subdomains listed on the main page as is done on slashdot.org.

Thanks in advance for your help

Warm Regards


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