I'm trying to port portions of Slash to win32 so I can do some development on my Windows box. I'm trying to go the ActiveState+Visual Studio route rather than the Cygwin route. Now I won't go through everything I've tried to do but basically my only current stumbling block is compiling the XS portions of Slash (Slash::Apache, Slash::Apache::User). Has anyone been able to do this under Windows before?
Here are some of the gory details of what I've encountered, ignore if not interested...  Most support modules have been installed from either CPAN/PPM without a hitch, their make tests passed. The aforementioned modules refused to compile unless the -DPERL_IMPLICIT_SYS flag is removed (get syntax errors in malloc.h ... probably some macro gone wrong). Is that flag so important? After that, linking gives unresolved external references to various... which could be found in mod_perl.lib and ApacheCore.lib. But I'm not convinced I should be linking to those just yet. Finally, if I do link with those (and therefore have to put mod_perl.so and Apache.dll in my path) the slash tests crash at some point (some crash in ApacheCore)  =)   One more sidenote... this is with Slash 2.0.0 since that's what I've been running on my Linux box. Haven't got to upgrading yet.
My experience with Perl and Slash is pretty good but XS is something I've managed to avoid until now, especially under win32 so any suggestions apprecated. Further details available upon request
Kevin Tam