#89 Keyword search on submit

Gary Bickford

It might be useful to do a keyword search when someone
previews or submits a story, so that the user can see
what stories are either already done or perhaps even
those in the submission process, that are on the same
topic. This would take some of the onus of catching
duplicates off the editing staff.

I always do a search before submitting, (though finding
the search button seems to be getting more difficult).
However I might not search on the correct keywords,
and stories not already accepted would not show up
anyway, so a special search would be better.

The search could be done at any of the following
points, each of which has merit:
1. When the "submit story" button is clicked, bring
up a special submission-keyword search page before
presenting the story entry page, or as part of the
story entry. The user would enter keywords specific to
the article, and run the search prior to writing the
article. This has the advantage of allowing the user
to see whether heshe should write the story before
proceeding, and is probably the least amount of work to
2. When "preview story" is clicked, pull keywords
out of the story and present them (possibly with
delete-me checkboxes) in a story search form.
3. When "preview story" is clicked, pull keywords
out, run the search and present the top N stories for
review. Requires really good keyword processing -
perhaps a Bayesian filter would be useful here to
separate keywords from non-keywords.
4. Like 2 or 3, but when "submit story" is clicked.


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    Rob Malda

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  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

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    We actually do some matching, but it is computationally expensive enoug
    hthat I don't know if it's a good idea to make it available at submit time,
    and instead let the authors use it as they do now.