#85 Blob will allow users to attach files to submissions


Not sure how I would attack this... I see that Blobs
are associted with sids, and as a submission the story
doesn't exactly *have* a sid yet. So currently an
author must post a story, and then go and attach
file(s) to it.

This is kind of a problem with my installation as the
entire site is somewhat file-dependent. I have
instructed users for now to just submit their story,
and e-mail the attachments to me. This is a little
more work for the author (so far it has just been
myself) to go and make the attachments. I would like
to bring in authors who aren't exactly HTML-literate,
and they may think this is a real pain. (Using Slash
as a department site on our company intranet)

So anyway, how to go about this? One possibility would
be for the files to get submitted to a
"file_submissions" table. When a story is posted the
author can checkmark the files that should be moved to
the attached_files (or whatever the name was) table and
are automatically assigned the same sid as the posted
story. I can think of several problems with this
method but not sure how else to do it.

So far the Blob support has been great and does exactly
what I need it to... Just want to make that clear anyway.

Keep up the good work guys...


  • Rob Malda
    Rob Malda

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