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Timothy Lord

Here are some topic ideas which would come in handy on Slashdot, along with a quick summary of what they'd be good for and suggestions for an accompanying icon:

1) A change, rather than a fully new one: "Patents" topic would be more useful if it was called "Patents, Copyrights & Trademarks," or "Patents, etc," or soemthing similar. Stories are submitted sometimes under "Patents" because there's no wider category for "Intellectual Property" things. No change needed. Maybe an "R" overlaid on the current PATENT PENDING graphic ;)

2) "Artificial Intelligence." Lots of stories come in that are about brain simulation, decision-making prediction, etc. Likewise, movies / book reviews are sometimes about stories where AI is an important plot element. Icon: Ye Olde Brain in a Jar.

3) Jobs. Jobs stories are annoying sometimes, but they're a real category, IMO. If Intel lays off *everybody,* or if a study says 50,000 IT jobs in the U.S. don't / won't exist any more, it would be useful one to have. Icon: Classic black metal lunchbox, or a plain briefcase.

4) Emulation / Virtualization. Lots of stories involve cloning / mimicking an old system on a new one, or hosting one modern OS on top of another. Icon: Hmm. Perhaps an Amiga ball icon on the screen of a toaster Mac?